HCM Evaluation Resources

The right human capital management (HCM) solution can support and even help drive business growth. When evaluating HCM vendors, make sure to assess a solution’s alignment with your organization’s strategic goals.

The resources below provide a roadmap of the HCM planning process, from initial business goals and stakeholder needs assessment through requirements building and solution evaluation. This site includes guidance based on best practices and industry research, and practical advice on how to select the best fit solution for your organization’s unique needs.

Preparing to Evaluate
HCM Solutions

Navigate the buying process within your organization.


HCM Requirements

Build a set of technology, strategy and business requirements to support your organization’s objectives.


Stakeholder Priorities: Aligning your team for an HCM purchase

Address the needs of the full spectrum of HCM users in your organization.


10 Tips for HCM
Vendor Evaluation

Ask the right questions when looking at HCM solutions.


Business Case Template
for HCM Purchase

Present a case to your internal stakeholders to get buy-in for the purchase of the solution you have selected.

Download PowerPoint

HCM Buyer's

A comprehensive guide to exploring and purchasing an HCM solution.