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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your upgrade questions

How does ADP Workforce Now compare to my current platform?

ADP Workforce Now helps put the right payroll solution in place for your business. It easily scales as your company grows or can handle all the HR, benefits, talent management and payroll responsibilities for large enterprises, and everything in between.

ADP Workforce Now is the culmination of deep experience, extensive research and insightful feedback from our users.

Unlike some of our legacy platforms, ADP Workforce Now offers mobile access and self-service from almost any smartphone or tablet, real-time reporting and an intuitive interface for administrators and employees.

Being in the cloud and hosted off premises, you won’t need to worry about updating hardware or disaster recovery issues. New versions of ADP Workforce Now are released regularly and are automatically updated to ensure you have the latest technology.

For a detailed overview of how ADP Workforce Now compares to your existing payroll software, please contact your Sales or Service team member.

How much work will the upgrade be for my team?

It will be business as usual during your upgrade. You will continue to use your existing product to process your payroll during the upgrade process and your current service team will continue to provide all the support and services you need. Once the upgrade has been completed, you will begin using ADP Workforce Now.
ADP will support you through the transition process and your first few payrolls.
Your team will complete ADP Workforce Now training. Several free training courses will be provided to you based on your ADP Workforce Now modules.
The amount of work your team will have to complete during the upgrades process will depend upon the ADP Workforce Now modules you choose.
For example, choosing Payroll and one additional module would typically require a total of 30 hours of effort for your internal Project Manager, 25 hours for your Payroll Specialist, and 14 hours for your Executive Sponsor over the entire upgrades process.

How is ADP going to support me through upgrade?

The upgrade to ADP Workforce Now takes an average of six to eight weeks for payroll only; however, clients with multiple modules can potentially need more time. Your ADP upgrade team will work with you to define a schedule based on your requirements.

You will be supported by an Upgrades Specialist, who will process the first two ADP Workforce Now payroll cycles with you to make sure everything is working properly. You will then transition to the ADP Workforce Now Service team for ongoing support.

We understand that this can be a big change for your team and will provide you resources to communicate and educate your employees on these changes. These resources include a kit that provides an overview of the new system, summarizes employee training, posters you can leverage in your workspaces and a welcome letter you can provide to your employees.

How is ADP going to help me roll out these changes to my employees?

We realize this will be a change for your employees and will assist with a smooth rollout to your organization. Your employees will have access to a free, comprehensive training program they can access on their desktop or mobile device.

Additionally, every upgrades client will receive a welcome package prior to launch which includes informational posters, a letter explaining the changes, product overview videos and a token of our appreciation. As always, our Service team is ready to assist with client inquiries from practitioners and ADP Workforce Now administrators.

Am I going to lose my historical data?

You’ll have access to your historical data, enabling you to access information for future analysis. Wherever possible your data will be imported into ADP Workforce Now but some documents and reports may require an additional log in to a separate system. Please ask your ADP team as to whether this may apply to your set up.

Is the support I get from your service team going to change?

All clients who upgrade to ADP Workforce Now will be provided with access to our Service team.

This model ensures you have access to subject matter experts in human capital management, reporting and analytics, payroll, banking and technical experts.

With an average tenure of 11 years, our Service associates are among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, and must complete regular internal and external training and courses.

The individual Service representative paired to your company may change, but your Relationship Manager/Client Account Manager will remain with you.

Why should I stay with ADP?

ADP Canada has worked to earn your business with every pay run since our partnership first began. We are your experienced business partner and value our relationship. We understand your operational and human resource needs and are confident that managing your workforce will be simpler with ADP Workforce Now.

You'll have access to tools to quickly and seamlessly import your historical data into the new platform, requiring no additional manual effort on your end. We know your business – we already know how often and when you prefer to pay your employees and have the processes in place to ensure that your employees get paid on time, and in the right amount.

Moving to an alternate provider can put your payroll processes at risk. It will significantly disrupt your business operations, be time-consuming to implement by comparison, and result in a risk to maintaining your payroll schedule.

Keep your business operations smoothly and avoid disruption to your business by upgrading to ADP Workforce Now.