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Make your best first impression.

Build your new hire experience with Greenhouse.

  • Design a personalized welcome experience
  • Leverage a consistent framework for onboarding
  • Rely on automatic task execution

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Everything starts with a great first day.

  • Stand out by creating an experience that helps new employees explore the community before they start.
  • Develop a reliable plan that brings structure to your onboarding process.
  • Automate the logistics of your onboarding plan so that you can focus on delivering a great experience.‚Äč
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Simply purchase the Connector to integrate Greenhouse Onboarding and ADP Workforce Now.

  • Provision a new hire’s employee account in ADP Workforce Now
  • Push and pull employee information, for both new and existing employees, to keep records updated and identical across both platforms
  • Customize what information you want shared between platforms
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Build a new hire experience that begins the moment an offer is accepted.

Advanced Task Tracking

Use predefined task lists to efficiently organize your on-boarding, off-boarding and review process. Assign ownership and due dates so that nothing falls through the cracks. Keep everyone on the same page by knowing instantly where things stand.

Streamlined Employee Records

Clean, customizable and secure. Greenhouse Onboarding puts your employee data at your fingertips. Store everything from documentation and employment history to food allergies and equipment assignments in one, easy to access place.

Growth Insights

Greenhouse Onboarding's reporting suite lets you focus on your coworkers, not building spreadsheets. Discover trends in retention, productivity and organization structure. Make compliance reporting automatic. Understand and improve your process with detailed statistics and reporting.

Company Pulse

Keep a line on the company Pulse. Whether it’s learning about your coworkers’ passions, digging up a hidden gem in your company’s history, or making your mentor’s anniversary special, on Greenhouse Onboarding it is only a click away.

Employee Directory

Personalized coworker pages that pull in content from across the web make learning about your coworkers easy. Get to know your coworkers by team, location and role. Understand how you all come together to form a company.

Employee Feedback and Props

Acknowledge your coworkers and stay up to date on the latest news from fellow employees. Greenhouse Onboarding makes it dead simple to recognize a job well done and feel like you're on the same page with your team.

Value and Community

Maintain your company values and engender a sense of community in your workforce. Greenhouse Onboarding is your one stop shop for storing everything from your company's most treasured moments to company policies to your organization mission statement.

Company History

Greenhouse Onboarding gives you a beautiful, living history of your company. See how it all got started, relive making that first sale and document moving into the new office. All of your employees can experience the path that brought you here.

Automatic Personalized Experience

Automatically create a personal and up-to-date experience for each new hire. Seamlessly prepare them for their first day while introducing them to the company and team.

Design for Connectivity

We partner with the best to bring you the most complete solution. Connect your HRIS, ATS, and communication tools to keep everything up-to-date and synced. Never worry about double data entry again.

Parklet | On-boarding Flow

Note:  This video is from 2014 and may confuse visitors since it says Parklet rather than Greenhouse.  It was included on this page as a placeholder for an updated video.
This video was included to show in-line video but may be confusing to visitors since it says Parklet rather than Greenhouse.  

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  • The Greenhouse Onboarding Integration for ADP Workforce Now includes unlimited users
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