Volume 3

In business and in life, many believe that what you do today will make or break your future.

While that philosophy has some grains of truth, what’s more important is how you use the knowledge gained along the way to anticipate and adjust to change.

At ADP, we’ve built a solid foundation of supporting businesses and their people through many shifts in the world of work. Over the course of our 70-year history, we’ve seen businesses of all sizes through monumental changes – from the emergence of computing and automation, to direct deposit, to today’s groundbreaking mobile applications.


Our greatest lessons have come from paying attention to how work gets done; looking for what’s to come and creating new ways to add value. As a data-driven organization, we’re constantly analyzing the numbers for patterns and trends. We’re using those insights to make the best decisions possible with an eye on designing a better world at work.


In this issue of SPARK Magazine, we’re tackling today’s biggest workforce transformation stories. We cover key components of business productivity, including:

  • Learning how today’s workers are driving the adoption of innovative solutions that businesses want and need to stay competitive.
  • Creating and implementing best practices on measuring and fostering employee engagement to help retain top talent.
  • Turning data into actionable insights and examining the role that artificial intelligence and machine learning have on businesses around the world.


These topics and others in this volume are meant to help you better navigate the changes we’re all facing. Please enjoy this issue of SPARK Magazine and, as always, we welcome you to share your thoughts at insights@adp.com.


Kind regards,

Carlos Rodriguez

ADP President and CEO