Your Cost of Turnover

Based on the information you entered, your annual turnover cost* is estimated to be ​



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Turnover Costs Breakdown


Separation Costs

  • Exit Processing
  • Administrative Time
  • Separation/Benefit Pay
  • Vacation/Sick Pay
  • Unemployment Tax

Replacement Costs

  • Communication of Vacancy
  • Pre-Employment Administration
  • Selection Interviews
  • Testing, Background Checks & Exams
  • Relocation Expense

Training Costs

  • Orientation
  • Formal Training
  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • On-the-job Instruction


Lost Productivity

  • Performance Differences
  • Lost Business
  • Lost Institutional Knowledge
  • Decreased Survivor Productivity & Morale
  • Risk of Legal Action, Labor Strikes
  • Damage to Company Reputation
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