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Data has always been the currency of success in business. Yet, despite billions in investments and years on the C-suite agenda, the gap between the information CEOs need and what they actually get hasn’t closed in the last decade, according to PwC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey.


Meghan Giz

VP, Partner Advantage Program // ADP
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Ouch, talk about a pain point — and an expensive one, to boot. Here’s just one example: Voluntary employee turnover costs topped $600 billion in 20182. Without accessible workforce data, most organizations have no idea how their turnover rates compare to companies of similar size. They don’t even know they have a problem, never mind how to fix it.

ADP: Data is our middle name

As a member of the ADP Partner Advantage Program, you can put a treasure trove of data to work for your clients. Through our Partner Portals, tap into aggregated, anonymous data from roughly 30 million U.S. workers across 250+ locations and 90K+ organizations. That makes for one powerful benchmarking engine — and an even better problem-solving tool when advising your clients.

Some quick ideas to get you thinking:


When employee benefits account for an estimated 30% of overall labor costs1, your clients need to be sure they’re maximizing their return on investment. Three key metrics to dive into: Enrollment rate, benefits cost per enrolled employee and turnover rate. 


For the first two, it’s vital to see how the organization compares to those of similar size. They’re investing a great deal of money, time and resources to get benefits right, and need to know if they’re on point. As far as turnover, employers know that a meaningful benefits package that adds value to employees’ lives goes a long way to increase engagement.


Speaking of turnover, 57% of job seekers say compensation is the #1 factor when looking for a new career opportunity. 


When you conduct a compensation benchmarking analysis for a client, you can determine if a sub-par compensation plan may be the root cause of employee turnover. Compensation benchmarking is also invaluable for spotting pay gaps when performing a pay equity analysis — a high-profile issue on the minds of many organizations these days.

Workforce demographics & trends

With diversity and inclusion on many to-do lists, are your clients able to easily gather data on percentage of female leaders, headcount by age or average tenure? Can they spot trends like a skilled labor force nearing retirement, so they can make plans to build a deeper bench and provide the right training opportunities for newcomers?


With insights from ADP benchmarking data, you can uncover hidden patterns, examine the impact of macro and micro trends on operations, break down annoying data silos and impress your clients as an all-around visionary.

Deliver value again and again

Imagine the deeper connections you can forge when you share results-oriented insights based on a client’s own data. Together, you’ll be poised to take action rather than simply react — the mark of a true strategic partner and trusted advisor.

Current ADP Partner Advantage Program members: 

Connect with your dedicated ADP Partner Specialist to learn more about using client data to your advantage and theirs. 

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