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4 Client Headaches You Can Turn into Opportunities

Your clients likely view you as a trusted sounding board — part business advisor, part therapist depending upon the problem. The next time your discussion touches on their HCM technology issues, keep an ear out for these four common complaints — and how your membership in the ADP Advantage Partner Program can help solve them.


Meghan Giz

VP, Partner Advantage Program // ADP
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Headache #1: We can’t access the data we need

When implementing an HCM solution, very often the service provider doesn’t fully load a client’s data into the new system. Loss of historical data makes it impossible to spot trends and get ahead of potentially costly problems like turnover, pay equity or excessive overtime.


You can achieve hero status when you tell your client that ADP includes conversion of up to 7 years of historical data, which not only preserves institutional knowledge but makes it easily accessible, too.

Headache #2: The system isn’t customized to our needs

Off-the-shelf technology doesn't magically align with your client’s organizational goals. That requires investing the time to understand your current processes and determine the best way to configure your system to make an immediate positive impact. 


The good news? Your clients no longer have to settle for the frustrating one-size-fits-all approach to HCM technology.

Headache #3: Nobody knows how to use it

Based upon their role — HR practitioner, C-suite, employee or manager — people use HR systems in different ways. But you rarely see training customized by role, which is a major contributor to poor utilization.


Research shows that companies offering comprehensive training programs enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those with no formalized training.  Together we can help your clients maximize utilization and make the most of their technology investment. 

Headache #4: Weak ongoing support

You know your client’s business pretty well — short-range focus, long-term goals, priority business outcomes. That puts you in the ideal position to guide your clients on effective, ongoing strategies to keep their technology aligned with current organizational priorities.


With ADP to support them on the tech side, you can concentrate on people, processes and profitability

Turn problems into successes

You’re a problem-solver by nature — it comes with the territory. Kick it up a notch by listening for these common HCM technology frustrations, and you can score big gains in client satisfaction and loyalty for your firm.

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