Volume 2

ADP Declares a New Brand Promise ... Always Designing for People

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This is a particularly exciting time for ADP as we accelerate our efforts to empower the world’s increasingly dynamic workforce. Our transformation comes as global businesses are experiencing unprecedented change. What work means and how it gets done is changing. Human Capital Management (HCM) and the function of Human Resources (HR) are also evolving as new resources, skills and operating models emerge.


At ADP, we take pride in anticipating those shifts and designing products and solutions with real people in mind, so that our clients and their employees can fulfill their potential. In keeping with that core belief, we are declaring a new brand promise and sharing it with the world ...

—  ADP Always Designing for People  —

ADP was built on this ideal. Now, we are strengthening our commitment to create tools that empower people to do their best work today and into the future. Our job is to remove barriers that get in the way of great work.

Always Designing for People means we’re on a path of continuous improvement, anticipating change and preparing ahead of uncertainty — so people can achieve their goals. We know that people work for different reasons, and they all deserve tools that enable their success.

We also want more people to know the full ADP story and to understand the breadth of what we do. Our suite of products and solutions support workers across their career journey — from full-time to freelance and hire to retire. We also offer products, solutions and the expertise to help leaders tap into data and pull actionable insights, allowing them to make better decisions. That’s just a snapshot of our capabilities, and we look forward to sharing more in the future.

Thank you for your partnership on this journey to design better ways of working. Please enjoy this issue of SPARK Magazine, where you will find valuable insights on the latest trends affecting the world at work. As always, we welcome you to share your thoughts at insights@adp.com.

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Carlos Rodriguez

ADP President and CEO