Volume 2

Humans of Compliance

Marilyn Gottsponer
Principal Client Success Consultant
Fayetteville, AR

The business philosophy of this Compliance Solutions employee contributed to her being honored for work on the Wisely Pay by ADP™ team.

After 17 years in the staffing industry, Marilyn Gottsponer was presented with an irresistible career opportunity — joining the Global Cash Card company that would become part of ADP in 2017.


As an ADP Compliance Solutions Principal Client Success Consultant, Marilyn works with the Wage Payments Group on Wisely Pay by ADP™, which provides employers and employees a debit card-like option for payroll.


“We work side by side with our sales team to gain new business, but our primary function starts after that, working with our customers on marketing strategies that are personalized and fit their messaging and roll-out strategy. As part of our customized approach, we measure performance, share those measurements and establish a plan to help ensure we’re making forward progress with the customer and meeting his or her goals.”


What Marilyn finds most satisfying is how Wisely gives users better control of their hard-earned money.  “I love knowing that we can really make a difference for someone who cannot get a traditional bank account or who may have to pay different fees just to have a traditional bank account. And I love developing relationships with our customers — it’s personal to me when someone has an issue or a concern that needs to be addressed.”


Marilyn was recently honored with ADP’s Effortless Impact Award, which recognizes associates who have contributed the most toward achieving the Compliance Solutions division’s goals of improved client satisfaction and inspiring team members to create effortless solutions for clients.


When it comes to family, the Arkansas native enjoys spending free time with her supportive husband, their two grown children and spouses, plus two grandchildren. She’s also a strong advocate for animal population control, encouraging the spaying and neutering of all pets and reminding people to “adopt, don’t shop.”


It’s no surprise that Marilyn’s business philosophy reflects her compassion: “Be honest, straight-forward, and empathetic.” Her Compliance Solutions clients and colleagues couldn’t agree more.